Our website is being completely redesigned to better represent our great neighborhood and to better serve the needs and interests of all of our neighbors.

Our beautiful neighborhood deserves nothing but the very best in online information and services.
During the rebuilding period we are keeping the online payments of dues and donations available through PayPal. Click Here.

Watch for pet portraits and listings of pets for easy recovery when one is lost.

Expanded Neighborhood Patrol, Volunteers In Patrol, our history, our clubs and neighborhood news will all be here for you.

As each new website feature is readied, it will be posted here without waiting for a complete site rebuild, and announcements will be made through the MPUM email list, on our Facebook page and on Nextdoor.com.

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For now, until these website features are ready:
Please email all questions about association membership dues to info@mpum.com.

Please email all questions about our Expanded Neighborhood Patrol program to enp@mpum.com.

Please email all questions about our Volunteers In Patrol program to vip@mpum.com.

Please email all questions about our Pet Services to pets@mpum.com.

Please email all other questions to info@mpum.com.

Merriman Park/University Manor is a beautiful neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, located in the northeast section of the city in the Lake & Garden District.